Broadcasting / live-streaming your event/experience will need the following:

  1. A stable and steady high speed internet connection in the location where you are hosting your in-person event / concert

  2. A device via which the video and audio will be streamed. This can be as simple as an iPad mounted on a tripod / or a laptop each of which can be used stand-alone with the in-built in camera and microphone, or can be connected to additional cameras and microphones. For a richer experience, stand-alone cameras can be plugged into live-streaming multi-camera hardware solutions such as SlingStudio / ATEM Mini Pro / YoloLiv. These hardware solutions allow camera switching and mixing.

  3. RTMP (real-time messaging protocol) enabled software encoder. The hardware solutions mentioned above come with their own encoders. Other software encoder solutions include OBS Studio (a free encoder), vMix, Wirecast, VidBlasterX.

We will provide the customized and secure RTMP details to plug into your encoder, along with some quick instructions on how to go live on FeelitLIVE.

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