There are a few options for how to inform your audience:

  1. Please share the direct URL of your event/experience with your viewers via emailers, and on all your social channels. This URL is sent to you once your event/experience is approved and published. If you would like a "vanity" URL, please send us an email to and we will be happy to create one for you.

  2. From your secure access to the Virtual Venue, click on Control Center (2nd icon to the left of the banner, below the MainStage icon), and use the various Notification options to inform your audience. Please write to us at with the name of your event if you have not received this link

  3. Please tag our social channels when you add this on your social. This will enable our team to also share and amplify the communication. We also recommend sharing the following buyer help center link with your customers/patrons:

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