The online streaming link in your purchase confirmation page/email is your viewing link. Once you click on it, it opens up the viewing page with all the features and access based on the ticket type you have.

The viewing link is unique to one browser/device. if you have started viewing it on one browser/device and click on it again from another browser/device you will be prompted to log out from the prior browser/device before you can continue on the second browser/device.

For an appointment based viewing (an event/experience that has a preset date and time), the countdown to the event is on the upper right hand corner of the viewing page. The performance will automatically begin at the preset date and time within the player window. In case for some reason your browser settings prevent the automatic start, bring your cursor to the middle of the player window and click on the soft play button. We recommend an internet speed of at least 25MBPS and viewing it on a computer for the best experience.

You can also project the performance to a smart TV if both are on the same wifi or via devices such as AppleTV.

For backstage pass ticket holders, the interactive session begins after the performance. We recommend following the message prompts under the player window to join the session. Please keep your audio and video muted when not speaking during the backstage interaction.

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